Order of the Arrow

The Order of the Arrow is the “National Honor Society” of the Boy Scouts of America


Vigil Honor

Year Member Vigil Name Vigil Name (English)
2012 Bob Briggs Leke Achgeketum Loyal Trainer
2011 Kevin Dieken Mickemassin Mechek Kschihillen He Who Works With Great Speed
2011 Logan Maughan Nachxummen Wulantowagan One Who Kindled The Spirit Of Service
2010 Herb Todd Klamachpin Najundam He Who Quietly Bears the Burden
2010 Mickey Lang Wewoatam Wetochwink Chweli Wise Father to All
1978 John Fox Wewingtonheet Babbler
1958 Richard Wesley (Not known) (Not known)
1955 Ed Wesley Clamhattenmoagan Steadiness

Lodge Executive Committee (LEC) Leadership

2011-2012 Tad Dieken Marketing Chairperson
2010-2011 Tad Dieken Lodge Secretary
2010-2011 Herb Todd Camping Promotions Adviser
2009-2010 Kevin Dieken Publications Adviser
2009-2010 Tad Dieken Publications Chairperson

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